We win by making our customers win using Salesforce!

We offer services around our product Releco HR One. This includes product customization, integration with other application, custom support & maintenance.

Implementations of Releco HR One

We quickly understand customer’s businesses, processes and needs, translate them into best design and implementations. We use industry and SF best practices and our unique blending for the best outcomes. Customer success with continuous engagement and partnership are at the heart of everything we do.

Support and Maintenance

We provide quick, efficient, cost effective and flexible Admin Support services. As time progresses, business needs change or there are new ideas to be tried for the old problems, there can be challenges with performance, usability or adoption. We can help with all of them. With our long, broad and deep experiences and expertise, we can provide best re-engineering and enhancement solutions and services.

Integrations with other applications and platforms

Though Salesforce has a huge number of services, functionalities and capabilities, organizations will have other applications and platforms for many reasons. Releco HR1 has to work with those other systems, providing functionalities or data for each other. We have the expertise to integrate Releco HR1 with a wide variety of applications and platforms using web services, APIs, event/message queues and more. We use best integration patterns based on the customer needs and SF and industry recommendations.

Product Customizations

Though SF comes-up with lots of out of box functionality, it requires a fair amount of configurations and customizations to meet customer’s specific needs and processes. SF provides best tools and practices for the same. We help with them using no, low or full code implementations based on need and best practices. At the core of these customisations is bringing best productivity, efficiencies, employee-customer-partner satisfactions and thus enabling with differentiators.


Comprehensive HCM Solution enabling optimized and efficient HR operations.
Seamless integration with company's Digital roadmap and be a connected & driven enterprise. Increases employer-employee connect leading to employee satisfaction and retention..


Releco HR1

Releco HR1 built on Salesforce, enables employer-employee interaction and engagement a seamless and smooth experience leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention

Employee Info

Capture various Employee details like Personal Info, Education, Dependents etc


Complete Leave management for employees


Manage employee Expenses and Reimbursement


Schedule, track and manage employee performance feedback


Weekly Timesheet to capture employee project activities and billable hours

Travel Request

Employee Travel Requisition & Approvals.

Onboarding & Exit

Manage Employee Onboarding & Exit

Attendance & Work Schedule

Employee Attendance and schedule work hours

Why Relecotech?

With extensive experience in products and solutions, we offer the best solution to customer’s needs. We work closely with customers at every stage of the solution design, implementation and adoption.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..”

Technology Competent Workforce

Our team has extensive experience working on Salesforce platform. Experience working on product development, product customisation and service project. Leadership team with decades of global experiences and track records in delivering solutions in a variety of organizations, industries, functions tools and frameworks.

Partner with customers

We know that our customers know their domain well. However, we bring cross industry and cross organizational experiences and expertise to complement our customer’s capabilities. We provide complementary ideas, skills, expertise and capacities (capabilities and capacities), act as constructive critique, validate assumptions and solutions. We humbly listen throughout the engagements for knowing where we are doing well and where we need to improve. It is not just for the sake of numbers, rather for meaningful, sustainable relationships and our growth.

Solution well built and well adopted

We quickly understand customer’s problems and opportunities well. Together with customers, we use best practices, methods and tools to come-up with best solutions, those not only technically good but well accepted and adopted by the users. We use the Change Acceleration Process method for better adoptions of the solutions. There are industry researches which tell that 80% of the changes fail not because of technical aspects but because of people aspects. CAP method helps with better adoption bringing in people into solution from the inception, not just at the end.

Flexibility and agility

we are flexible and agile with approach, methods, techniques, solutions, capacities, hours and more. What matters for us is customer winning and we know that our success lies in it.


Shine Brighter at Relecotech

Together we unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world! Working for Relecotech means being creative and adaptive. Our culture of continuous learning and commitment to diversity and inclusion creates an environment that allows you to build your skills and career. Together, we’re transforming the industry!

Salesforce experienced developers, admins and analysts

Relecotech is a premier Salesforce ISV (product company) and solution partner. We are expanding to build more products and serve more customers. Location can be Bangalore, Nagpur or Remote, can be decided later. Location : Bangalore or remote

  • Experience in Salesforce Sales, Service or Marketing clouds.
  • Good understanding of functionality, tools, frameworks and concepts.
  • Developers are expected to have a solid understanding of Apex programming.
  • Experience or good knowledge of integrations.
  • Desirable to have good knowledge of web (Javascript, HTML, frameworks), database and architectures.
  • Desirable to have a certificate in admin or development.
  • Good analytical communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good track record of learning and updating skills.
  • Willing to stretch and raise to occasions for helping customers and the organisation to win.
  • Help, collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Have high values of honesty, integrity, persistence and consistent performance.
  • Willing to work at the customer's premise when and if needed.

Salesforce Trainee Engineers, Business Analysts and Sales Executives

Relecotech is a premier Salesforce ISV (product company) and solution partner. We are expanding to build more products and serve more customers. Location can be Bangalore, Nagpur or Remote, can be decided later. What we look for -

  • Engineers, MBAs, BCAs, MCAs who are eager to learn and become Salesforce professionals.
  • Have a good track record of independent and continuous learning
  • Willing to self learn a few basic modules (freely accessible) and provide the evidence for the same (details below) -
  • Good analytical communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Engineers, BCA, MCAs need to have good programming concepts (one or more of Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, etc), algorithms, data structures, Object Oriented, database and Web.
  • MBAs are expected to have good business and process knowledge especially in marketing-sales-service.
  • Willing to stretch and raise to occasions for helping customers and the organisation to win.
  • Help, collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Have high values of honesty, integrity, persistence and consistent performance.
  • Willing to work at customer’s premise when and if needed.

What you need to do - Complete the following free training modules and share the screenshot/url of your achievements along with your resume . (You would need to register in Salesforce’s free interactive/gamified learning platform Regiter @ ). Minimum qualification to apply is 13000 points. Higher the points and badges, higher the chances of selection. Get Started

Please note that there are many free and paid resources available for learning like YouTube, Udemy, LinkedIn and more and we suggest leveraging them to solidify your understanding. There are also materials like -, etc. We will evaluate the profiles and call for further discussions. As we may get too many resumes, we may not be able to respond individually or all the calls. Post shortlisting, we will have interviews and post selection, we will train further to be ready to work in projects as trainees.

Our Process

Our team focuses on highly qualitative, timely & precise application development.













About Us

Releoctech is a Salesforce ISV partner, product & service company with expertise in Salesforce Cloud & Mobile technology. Our aim is to deliver “Reliable and Economical” Products & Software Services enabling customer growth.

Never compromise on our values - integrity, trust, mutual respect. These are absolutely essential and non-negotiable for organization to exist, operate and grow.


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